Casper Sleep Latex Foam Queen-Size 10-Inch Mattress

4.0 by user reviews

An image of Casper Sleep Latex Foam Queen-Size 10-Inch Mattress | Know Your Mattress
  • Offers exceptional breathability, providing a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment
  • Supportive design ensures proper spinal support and alignment
  • Tightly compressed for easy setup and delivery
  • Queen-size doesn't provide ample space for couples
  • 10-inch thickness wears faster than other thicker mattresses
  • Latex foam construction might feel too "spongy" for some
Product Description

The Casper Sleep Latex Foam Queen-Size Mattress is ideal for people who frequently have allergies. This Casper Sleep mattress features a 10-inch thickness, maintaining its quality and shape even after years of use. It has a supportive design, aligning your spine horizontally while sleeping on your side. With exceptional breathability, it promotes airflow to prevent mildew and mold from developing. Available in a queen-size, it gives plenty of room to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

Easy to transport, this Casper Sleep mattress adds even more convenience for when moving or rearranging the room. With four layers, it provides you with stability, ultra comfort, resilience, and ultimate relaxation. It has a hypoallergenic design to minimize the symptoms of allergies. It features a latex foam construction, which combats mold and dust mites naturally. With a cooling cover, this Casper Sleep mattress is perfect if you live in a warm climate.

Product Information
Brand Casper Sleep
Mattress Type Latex foam
Size Queen
Number of Layers 4
Layer Type Open cell gel memory foam
Mattress Thickness 10-inch
Weight 88-lbs
Depth 80-inch
Width 60-inch