Serta Blue Touch Plush Foam Twin XL-Size 11.25-Inch Mattress

3.7 by user reviews

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  • Plush mattress for comfort and softness without compromising durability and support
  • Heat regulation technology prevents you from getting overheated while you're sleeping
  • Made with cooling technology to regulate your body temperature while sleeping
  • Twin XL-size does not reasonably fit a couple
  • Plush mattress can become lumpy or sag over time
  • 11.25-inch thickness may tend to appear bulky in some bed frames
Product Description

The Serta Blue Touch Plush Foam Twin XL-Size Mattress is a good choice for anyone who gets very hot during the night. Featuring an 11.25-inch thickness, this Serta mattress will stay in good shape and not sink in even after prolonged use. Available in a twin XL-size, it has several extra inches in length so taller individuals can be more comfortable. It is designed to regulate body temperature, promoting optimal sleep temperature. With a plush comfort level, it is great for people who need stabilized lower-back support. This thick mattress features a foam construction, needing very little maintenance and can last for long periods of time. It features four layers and has a ventilated design, so heat and humidity are released to counter mildew or mold build-up. It has a TempActiv touch cover, cooling the surface temperature of your mattress.

Product Information
Brand Serta
Model Blue Touch
Mattress Type Foam mattress
Size Twin XL
Number of Layers 4
Layer Type TempActiv gel memory foam, Evercool Fuze gel memory foam
Mattress Thickness 11.25-inch