Tulo Medium Firm Memory Foam Queen-Size 10-Inch Mattress

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Medium firm mattress will provide adequate support to the spinal area without putting pressure on it
  • Features a polyester, tencel cover, offering the advantage of moisture absorption and air permeability
  • Equipped with cooling technology to regulate your body temperature while sleeping
  • Queen-size doesn't provide ample space for couples
  • Medium firm mattress can put painful pressure on pressure points
  • 10-inch thickness wears out faster than other thicker mattresses
Product Description

The Tulo Medium Firm Memory Foam Queen-Size Mattress is a good choice for anyone who gets overheated at night. This Tulo mattress features a medium firm comfort level, so it won't sag easily. Designed with cooling technology, it effectively distributes heat to ensure your bed remains cool. It minimizes motion transfer, so you can enjoy your sleep without sensing your partner's movements. Available in a queen-size, it gives enough room to spread out and sleep comfortably. This Tulo mattress has a 10-inch thickness, maintaining its quality and shape even after years of use. It features a memory foam construction, letting you move around in your sleep and then re-contours to your body after you've settled. It has four layers and features a ventilated design, which will improve its quality by eliminating mildew and mold from forming. This knitted thick mattress has a polyester, tencel cover, which offers the advantage of moisture absorption and air permeability.

Product Information
Brand Tulo
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Queen
Number of Layers 4
Layer Type Coolflow memory foam, responsive firm material, firm foam
Cover Material Polyester and tencel
Cover Type Knitted
Mattress Thickness 10-inch