Lucid Plush Gel Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Plush mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers who are searching for the perfect mix of softness and support
  • Features a tencel cover, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics
  • Foam base evenly supports each part of your body
  • Plush mattress can become lumpy or sag over time
  • 10-inch thickness doesn't provide the most support
  • Gel memory foam construction has a tendency to retain smells
Product Description

The Lucid Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great option for anyone who gets easily overheated at night. This LUCID mattress features a foam base, so all dominant pressure areas are adequately supported. It has a supportive design, aligning your spine horizontally when sleeping on your side. It has a technology that regulates body temperature, dissipating heat so you can sleep more comfortably. With a plush comfort level, this LUCID mattress is suitable for those who love extra softness. It has a 10-inch thickness, preventing any structural problems that thinner mattresses can have.

This LUCID mattress has a gel memory foam construction, drawing heat away from the sleeper due to its better air circulation. It has a ventilated design, so it will remain dry in order to prevent mildew and mold from forming. This thick mattress has a tencel cover, which is naturally resistant to dust mites and other bacteria. It includes a soft cover, providing an added layer of comfort and protection.

Product Information
Mattress Type Gel memory foam
Layer Type Gel memory foam
Cover Material Tencel
Mattress Thickness 10-inch
Core Thickness 7-inch