Blissful Nights Plush Pillow Top Queen-Size 10-Inch Mattress

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  • Plush mattress is an ideal option for those looking for a soft surface with additional cushioning
  • Conforms to the natural curves of your body, providing the right amount of support and comfort
  • Comes rolled, making it easy to place your mattress on the bed of your choice
  • Queen-size doesn't provide ample space for couples
  • Plush mattress can become lumpy or sag over time
  • 10-inch thickness wears out faster than other thicker mattresses
Product Description

For a good night's rest and endless comfort, opt for a Blissful Nights Plush Pillow Top Queen-Size Mattress. This Blissful Nights mattress is available in a queen-size, offering more legroom and width than a full-size mattress. It features a 10-inch thickness, adding greater durability and extending the lifespan of your mattress. With a plush comfort level, it delivers the perfect balance between firmness and softness, keeping you comfortable throughout the night while still providing a decent amount of back support. It conforms to your body, so your shoulders and hips will sink more deeply into the mattress, offering better spinal alignment. It has a pillow top construction, adding support and relieves hip and shoulder pressure.

Product Information
Brand Blissful Nights
Mattress Type Pillow top
Size Queen
Mattress Thickness 10-inch
Depth 80-inch
Width 60-inch