NuForm Plush Gel Memory Foam Full-Size 12-Inch Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Plush mattress is great for side and back sleepers whose main preference is comfort and softness
  • Equipped with antimicrobial benefits to make for a healthy and clean sleep area
  • Helps eliminate tossing and turning at night, drastically improving your quality of sleep
  • Full-size does not reasonably accommodate couples
  • Plush mattress can become lumpy or sag over time
  • 12-inch thickness may tend to appear bulky in some bed frames
Product Description

The NuForm Plush Gel Memory Foam Full-Size Mattress is ideal for people who frequently have allergies. Available in a full-size, this NuForm mattress is perfect for accommodating one sleeper. It has antimicrobial benefits, making it perfect for people who are sensitive to mold, dust mites, or pollen. Featuring a plush comfort level, it supports your body in any sleeping position. This NuForm mattress helps reduce tossing and turning at night, which drastically improves your quality of sleep. It features a 12-inch thickness, which provides a lot of foundational support and helps keep it in good condition for longer. Designed with a gel memory foam construction, it will feature a special plush feel. This hypoallergenic mattress is perfect for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities. With resistance to dust mites, it makes it a good option for people suffering from allergies.

Product Information
Brand NuForm
Mattress Type Gel memory foam
Size Full
Layer Type 4 lbs gel visco memory foam, 4 lbs memory foam
Mattress Thickness 12-inch
Foam Features High density, Cooling, Elastical
Depth 80-inch
Width 54-inch