Comfort Dreams Select Memory Foam California King-Size 14-Inch Mattress

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  • Features antimicrobial fabric, preventing mold, bacteria, and dust mites from growing and spreading
  • Eliminates motion transfer, making it an excellent choice for restless sleepers
  • Helps reduce tossing and turning at night, drastically improving your quality of sleep
  • California king-size reduces the amount of horizontal sleeping space
  • 14-inch thickness may tend to appear too large in some bed frames
  • Features a memory foam construction, making it more difficult for some to get off of the bed
Product Description

Are you looking for a mattress that will give you better support for both your upper and lower body? Take a look at the Comfort Dreams Select Memory Foam California King-Size Mattress. Available in a California king-size, this thick mattress offers extra room from bottom to top. It has antimicrobial benefits, which ensure a healthier sleep space. It is designed to eliminate motion transfer, so you won't be awakened by movement. It has a 14-inch thickness, preventing any structural problems that thinner mattresses can have. It features a memory foam construction, letting you move around in your sleep and then re-contours to your body after you've settled. This thick mattress is suitable to use for slatted bed bases, boxed mattresses, and platform beds.

Product Information
Brand Comfort Dreams
Series Select
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size California king
Layer Type Memory foam
Mattress Thickness 14-inch
Depth 84-inch
Width 72-inch