America Luxury-Bedroom Memory Foam Full-Size Foam Base 6-Inch Mattress

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Features a foam base, ensuring all major pressure areas are adequately supported
  • Made to conform to your body for special comfort and support
  • Full-size provides plenty of sleeping space that won't take up much room
  • Full-size does not reasonably fit a couple
  • Memory foam construction releases a strong odor
Product Description

Are you looking for a mattress that will give you better support for both your upper and lower body? Read on to hear about the America Luxury-Bedroom Memory Foam Full-Size Mattress. This America Luxury-Bedroom mattress conforms to the natural curves of your body, so you will have optimal alignment as your shoulders and hips will sink more deeply into the bed. It is built with a foam base, so all dominant pressure areas are sufficiently supported. Available in a full-size, it is ideal for accommodating one sleeper. Featuring a memory foam construction, it accommodates every possible sleeping position. It is designed with a zippered cover and features a removable cover, giving you the option wash it or clean it.

Product Information
Brand America Luxury-Bedroom
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Full
Layer Type Gel foam
Mattress Thickness 6-inch
Core Thickness 4.5-inch
Width 54-inch