Coaster Home Furnishings Memory Foam Full-Size Foam Base Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Foam base supports each part of the body evenly and individually by distributing your weight across the mattress
  • Supportive design ensures proper spinal support and alignment
  • Pressure point relief technology supports the natural shape of your spine reducing joint pains
  • Full-size does not reasonably fit a couple
  • Memory foam construction releases VOCs
Product Description

The Coaster Home Furnishings Memory Foam Full-Size Mattress is a good option for anyone who gets overheated while they're sleeping. This Coaster Home Furnishings mattress has a supportive design, aligning your spine horizontally when sleeping on your side. With pressure point relief, it is suitable for stomach sleepers. Available in a full-size, it is perfect for comfortably accommodating one sleeper. It features a foam base, ensuring all major pressure areas are adequately supported.

This hypoallergenic mattress is excellent for those who have allergies or skin sensitivities. Featuring a memory foam construction, this Coaster Home Furnishings mattress accommodates every possible sleeping position. It has a ventilated design, reducing the risk of mold or mildew build up by allowing constant airflow. It is designed with a removable cover and has a washable cover, keeping it clean over long-term use. With resistance to dust mites, this hypoallergenic mattress makes it a suitable option for people suffering from allergies.

Product Information
Brand Coaster Home Furnishings
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Full
Core Thickness 5-inch
Depth 75-inch
Width 53-inch