Comfort Magic Plush Memory Foam Queen-Size Foam Base 14-Inch Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Plush mattress is an ideal option for those looking for a soft surface with added cushioning
  • Foam base supports each part of the body evenly and individually by spreading your weight across the bed's surface
  • Antimicrobial benefits ensure a cleaner sleep space
  • Queen-size doesn't provide ample space for couples
  • Plush mattress can get lumpy or sag over time
  • 14-inch thickness may appear too large in some bed frames
Product Description

Need better support for both your upper and lower body while you sleep? Checking out the Comfort Magic Plush Memory Foam Queen-Size Mattress. This thick mattress has a plush comfort level, delivering the perfect combination of softness and firmness. With antimicrobial benefits, it prevents the growth and development of bacteria. It helps reduce tossing and turning at night, significantly improving your quality of sleep. This Comfort Magic mattress has a foam base, so all dominant pressure points are well supported. Available in a queen-size, it gives plenty of room to spread out and sleep comfortably. Featuring a 14-inch thickness, it will stay in good shape and not sink in even after prolonged use. It features a memory foam construction, letting you toss and turn and then re-contours to your body after you've settled. With resistance to dust mites, it makes it a good option for people who suffer from allergies.

Product Information
Brand Comfort Magic
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Queen
Layer Type 4 lbs memory foam, 3 lb memory foam
Mattress Thickness 14-inch
Core Thickness 8-inch
Depth 75-inch
Width 53-inch