Comfort Magic Plush Memory Foam Full-Size Foam Base 11-Inch Mattress

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  • Plush mattress is perfect for side and back sleepers whose main priority is comfort and softness
  • Features a foam base, ensuring all dominant pressure points are adequately supported
  • Built with antimicrobial materials to minimize the chances of bacteria developing
  • Full-size does not comfortably accommodate couples
  • Plush mattress can become lumpy or sag over time
  • 11-inch thickness may tend to appear disproportional in some bed frames
Product Description

Do you want to sleep in a mattress made free of harsh chemicals? Go for the Comfort Magic Plush Memory Foam Full-Size Mattress. This hypoallergenic mattress features antimicrobial fibers, making it great for people who are sensitive to mold, dust mites, or pollen. With a plush comfort level, it is perfect for those who need stabilized lower-back support. It is designed to reduce tossing and turning, which significantly increases the quality of your sleep. Featuring an 11-inch thickness, it will maintain its shape even with extra weight. With a foam base, it properly supports all main pressure points of your body. Available in a full-size, it is ideal for accommodating one sleeper. This hypoallergenic mattress is eco-friendly, making them resistant to mold and other bacteria and pests. Featuring a memory foam construction, this Comfort Magic mattress accommodates every possible sleeping position. With resistance to dust mites, it makes it an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Product Information
Brand Comfort Magic
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Full
Layer Type 4 lbs memory foam, 3 lb memory foam
Mattress Thickness 11-inch
Core Thickness 7-inch
Depth 80-inch
Width 38-inch