Comfort Magic Memory Foam King-Size Foam Base 8-Inch Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Foam base ensures even weight distribution to properly support your whole body
  • Antimicrobial benefits provide a healthier sleep area
  • Helps eliminate tossing and turning at night, improving your quality of sleep
  • King-size can be difficult to move
  • 8-inch thickness provides less support than thicker mattresses
  • Memory foam construction releases undesirable odors
Product Description

Looking to sleep sweetly in a mattress made free of harsh chemicals? The Comfort Magic Memory Foam King-Size Mattress is exactly that. This hypoallergenic mattress has a foam base, which supports each part of your body. Available in a king-size, it will provide maximum bed space. It helps eliminate tossing and turning at night, which drastically increases your quality of sleep. With antimicrobial materials, it is perfect for people who are affected by allergies. It features an 8-inch thickness, stopping your mattress from dipping in the center or collapsing on the sides. Designed with a memory foam construction, it holds your body, letting you comfortably sleep in your natural sleeping position. This hypoallergenic mattress is eco-friendly, so you can greatly minimize your carbon footprint. It is dust mite resistant, so your sleeping environment will be pest and allergy-free.

Product Information
Brand Comfort Magic
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size King
Layer Type 4 lbs memory foam
Mattress Thickness 8-inch
Core Thickness 5.5-inch
Depth 80-inch
Width 38-inch