IKEA Medium Firm Latex Foam King-Size 7.125-Inch Mattress

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  • Medium firm mattress is perfect for people who require precise spinal alignment
  • Made to contour to your body for special comfort and support
  • Pressure point relief technology ensures that your weight is evenly distributed on the mattress and that your spine and joints are properly supported
  • King-size can be difficult to move
  • Medium firm mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on pressure points
  • 7.125-inch thickness wears out faster than other thicker mattresses
Product Description

For a better night's sleep and endless comfort, select an IKEA Medium Firm Latex Foam King-Size Mattress. This IKEA mattress is available in a king-size, so you have maximum space to sleep comfortably. It contours to your body for special support and comfort. With a medium firm comfort level, it is ideal for stomach and back sleepers because it properly aligns the spine and evenly distributes your body weight. It provides pressure point relief, allowing certain areas that are stressed throughout the day to receive the support they need during a night's sleep. It has a 7.125-inch thickness, so the mattress won't dip in the center or collapse around the edges. It features a latex foam construction, which resists mold and dust mites naturally. This IKEA mattress is suitable to use for slatted bed bases and mattress bases.

Product Information
Brand IKEA
Mattress Type Latex foam
Size King
Mattress Thickness 7.125-inch
Weight 1.7-lbs
Depth 79.5-inch
Width 76-inch