IKEA Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size 7.125-Inch Mattress

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Firm mattress provides a comfort level suitable for anyone looking for the ideal mix of softness and support
  • Made to contour to your body to properly align joints to eliminate joint and back pain
  • Offers pressure point relief, making it perfect for people who sleep on their stomach
  • Twin-size will not accommodate tall adults reasonably
  • Firm mattress can put painful pressure on pressure points
  • 7.125-inch thickness doesn't provide the most support
Product Description

For a good night's rest and endless comfort, choose an IKEA Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size Mattress. Available in a twin-size, this IKEA mattress offers the perfect dimensions for children's rooms or dorm rooms. It features a 7.125-inch thickness, so the mattress will not dip in the center or collapse around the edges. It provides pressure point relief, reducing tossing and turning at night. It features a firm comfort level, which conforms to the natural curves of your spine in order to keep your body properly aligned. It contours to your body, which provides the right amount of support and comfort. It has a memory foam construction, letting you move around in your sleep and then re-contours to your body after you've found a comfortable position. It is suitable to use for slatted bed bases and mattress bases.

Product Information
Brand IKEA
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Twin
Mattress Thickness 7.125-inch
Depth 74.375-inch
Width 38.25-inch