IKEA Firm Innerspring King-Size Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils Mattress

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  • Firm mattress will adapt to the curves of your spine in order to keep your body straight
  • Built with individually-wrapped pocket coils to keep the mattress fresh and cool during the night
  • Supportive design ensures proper spinal support and alignment
  • King-size can be difficult to move
  • Firm mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on pressure points
  • Innerspring construction can result in premature sagging of the material
Product Description

For a better night's sleep and endless comfort, opt for an IKEA Firm Innerspring King-Size Mattress. This IKEA mattress includes individually-wrapped pocket coils to promote airflow for a cooler sleeping surface. Available in a king-size, it offers plenty of room to relax and spread out. This IKEA mattress has a supportive design, aligning your spine horizontally when sleeping on your side. With a firm comfort level, it is great for those who sleep on their back because it offers exceptional spinal support. This IKEA mattress has a no-flip construction, eliminating the hassle associated with having to flip heavy mattresses. Featuring an innerspring construction, it adapts easily to your sleeping position. This IKEA mattress features a stretch knit weave, keeping your mattress looking newer for longer. It is suitable to use for slatted bed bases and mattress bases.

Product Information
Brand IKEA
Mattress Type Innerspring
Size King
Cover Type Stretch knit