Mlily Serenity Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size 13-Inch Mattress

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Firm mattress promotes a deeper sleep
  • Features antimicrobial materials, preventing mold, bacteria, and dust mites from nesting
  • Offers pressure point relief, providing outstanding support to your spine and joints to diminish any pain or discomfort
  • Twin-size does not reasonably accommodate couples
  • Firm mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on pressure points
  • 13-inch thickness can appear disproportional in some bed frames
Product Description

Do you want to go green? Consider the MLILY Serenity Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size Mattress. This MLILY mattress has a 13-inch thickness, which may appear too large in some bed frames. It features a firm comfort level, which encourages deeper sleep. Featuring antimicrobial materials, it fights against any dangerous bacteria. This thick mattress provides pressure point relief, which is especially helpful for stomach sleepers. Available in a twin-size, it has a compact design, fitting well in any space. This hypoallergenic mattress is eco-friendly, helping to significantly decrease your carbon footprint. With a memory foam construction, it lets you move around in your sleep and then re-contours to your body after you've settled. It is dust mite resistant, making it a safe and healthy option, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Product Information
Model Serenity
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Twin
Layer Type Memory foam
Mattress Thickness 13-inch
Depth 75-inch
Width 38-inch