Mlily Vitality Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size Foam Base 11-Inch Mattress

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Firm mattress provides the support necessary to keep your body straight
  • Features a foam base, ensuring all dominant pressure points are sufficiently supported
  • Equipped with antimicrobial benefits to decrease the chances of bacteria developing
  • Twin-size does not reasonably accommodate couples
  • Firm mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on pressure points
  • 11-inch thickness may tend to appear too large in some bed frames
Product Description

The MLILY Vitality Firm Memory Foam Twin-Size Mattress is perfect for people who frequently have allergies. Designed with a foam base, this hypoallergenic mattress sufficiently supports all main pressure points of your body. It is available in a twin-size, making it the perfect dimensions for dorm rooms and children's rooms. This MLILY mattress has pressure point relief technology, making it perfect for those who sleep on their stomach. With a firm comfort level, it is good for those who sleep on their back since it offers excellent spinal support. It is built with antimicrobial fabric, so it will stay hygienic and clean. It has an 11-inch thickness, preventing any structural problems that thinner mattresses often have. Featuring hypoallergenic materials, it is perfect for those who have allergies or skin sensitivities. Featuring a memory foam construction, this MLILY mattress reshapes itself to your body as you move around at night. It is dust mite resistant, ensuring that your bed defends against mites and pests.

Product Information
Sub-Brand Vitality
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size Twin
Layer Type Memory foam
Mattress Thickness 11-inch
Core Thickness 7-inch
Depth 75-inch
Width 38-inch