Sleeplace Soft Memory Foam King-Size Foam Base 11-Inch Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Soft mattress provides a perfect surface for side sleepers
  • Foam base ensures even weight distribution to properly support your whole body
  • Emits low levels of VOC, making it a safer choice with less overall toxin exposure
  • King-size can be difficult to move
  • 11-inch thickness may appear disproportional in some bed frames
  • Memory foam construction releases VOCs
Product Description

If you want to guarantee that your don't strain your back while you sleep, the Sleeplace Soft Memory Foam King-Size Mattress might be a good choice for you. This SLEEPLACE mattress has an 11-inch thickness, so it won't sag, sink, or leave body impressions after a long period of time. It helps eliminate tossing and turning at night, significantly improving your quality of sleep. This SLEEPLACE mattress features a soft comfort level, making it perfect for side sleepers since it better cushions the shoulders and hips. It has low VOC emission, making it a safer option with less overall toxin exposure. This SLEEPLACE mattress is available in a king-size, giving you the space to stretch out. Including a foam base, it adequately supports all main pressure points of your body. Designed with a memory foam construction, this SLEEPLACE mattress accommodates every possible sleeping position. With four layers, it supplies you with stability, comfort technology, flexibility, and ultimate relaxation. It is designed with a durable cover and features a jacquard cover, upgrading the overall comfort and support of the mattress due to the extra padding.

Product Information
Mattress Type Memory foam
Size King
Number of Layers 4
Mattress Thickness 11-inch
Depth 80-inch
Width 76-inch