TFS SACREDS Extra Firm Latex Foam 8-Inch Mattress

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Extra firm mattress provides overall support of your body for uninterrupted sleep
  • Made with a cotton cover for ultimate comfort and coziness
  • Features antimicrobial fabric, making it perfect for people who are affected by allergies
  • Extra firm mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on pressure points
  • 8-inch thickness doesn't provide the best support
  • Latex foam construction might feel too "spongy" for some
Product Description

The TFS Extra Firm Latex Foam Mattress is ideal for people who are more sensitive to allergies. This TFS mattress features an extra firm comfort level, which can be uncomfortable for some people. It features pressure point relief technology, so your body is supported to diminish any pain. Designed with antimicrobial benefits, it manages the growth of bacteria, mold, and dust mites. With an 8-inch thickness, it provides you with a sturdy sleeping surface that won't sag over time.

This organic mattress has a latex foam construction, which combats mold and dust mites naturally. Featuring a ventilated design, it offers added health benefits to upgrade your overall quality of sleep. It is made with an organic materials, so it keeps the air free of chemicals. It has a cotton cover for ultimate coziness and comfort. This organic mattress is dust mite resistant, ensuring that your sleeping space defends against mites and pests.

Product Information
Brand TFS
Item Model Number SACREDS
Mattress Type Latex foam
Layer Type Coconut fiber
Cover Material Cotton
Mattress Thickness 8-inch